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Korean J. Pl. Taxon > Volume 48(4); 2018 > Article
Korean Journal of Plant Taxonomy 2018;48(4): 289-300.
doi: https://doi.org/10.11110/kjpt.2018.48.4.289
Phylogenetic relationships of Coreanomecon (Papaveraceae: Papaveroideae), an endemic genus in Korea, using DNA sequences
Narae YUN, Sang-Hun OH
Department of Biology, Daejeon University, Daejeon 34520, Korea
Correspondence :  Sang-Hun OH ,Email: soh42@dju.kr
Received: November 11, 2018  Revised: December 24, 2018   Accepted: December 28, 2018
Coreanomecon is a monotypic and endemic genus in Korea, distributed mainly in the southern regions. Coreanomecon is morphologically similar to Hylomecon by producing red latex, easily distinguished from Chelidonium, which produces yellow latex. Coreanomecon were merged into Hylomecon or Chelidonium depending on the authors. To understand the phylogenetic relationship of Coreanomecon, DNA sequences of chloroplast rbcL and matK and nuclear Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) regions were determined from the species of Papaveroideae (Papaveraceae) in Korea and analyzed with the Maximum Parsimony and Bayesian methods. Phylogenetic analyses of Papaveroideae suggest that Coreanomecon is sister to the clade of Chelidonium and Stylophorum in the ITS data and that it is sister to Hylomecon in the chloroplast (cpDNA) data. A constraining analysis using the Shimodaira-Hasegawa test (S-H test) suggested that the ITS data do not reject the sister relationship of Coreanomecon and Hylomecon. The S-H test also suggested that the cpDNA data is compatible with the placement of Coreanomecon as a sister to the clade of Chelidonium and Stylophorum. Although the conflicting phylogenetic results may stem from insufficient phylogenetic signals, they may also be associated with hybridization between Hylomecon and an ancestor of Stylophorum and Chelidonium. The results of this study suggest that Coreanomecon is a distinct lineage as an endemic genus, supporting the morphological data.
KeyWords: DNA barcoding, forensic botany, Papaveraceae, species identification
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